As stated in our mission statement, we believe in delivering high quality products to our clients and have a very good and consistent track record of that. We are customer driven and constantly strive for excellence in all our projects. Our resources are used efficiently and in a cost effective manner in order to produce products that are of the right quality and high standard.

The achievement of our quality objectives is fundamental to all activities carried out within our company and must be practiced by all employees as an integral part of their daily work.

All people who form part of Redinare Construction and the public are very important. Above all safety is considered first when planning for our projects.

Our goal is to maintain effective standards that will guard against any injuries and/or illnesses occurring on the job.

Redinare Construction provides leadership and training necessary to all supervisors to eliminate unsafe practices and conditions at the construction site, therefore every supervisor is responsible for the health and safety of others.

We realise that construction has a profound impact on the environment as a whole, therefore our primary environmental goal is the prevention of environmental pollution.

Redinare Construction commits itself to the following:

• Maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
• Constantly improving the environmental performance and preventing pollution.

Redinare Construction takes pride in their record on health and safety as all people who are part of Redinare are important. We take a pro-active measure by acquiring a Safety Company in assisting us to manage safety and training to all stakeholders on site.

Trained individuals are always available on site to ensure that safety standard measures are carried out and meetings are held at regular intervals.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaigns are often presented by a professional organization with the purpose of minimizing the spread of the disease.

Redinare Construction is committed to the principals of honesty, trust and integrity, performance orientation, responsibility and accountability.

Mutual respect and commitment by all employees is essential.